For many students of the sciences this is proving an exciting time. With the closure of the Space Shuttle Program our country is leaning towards a new era in space exploration. Nothing has demonstrated the evolution of this endeavor like the displays presented by the Smithsonian National Air and Space Museum located off of Route 28 by Dulles International Airport in Northern Virginia.

Everyone who has visited the museum for the first time has been wowed by the size of the museum and the vast quantity of displays and artifacts gleamed from mankind’s history of flight. These range from the earliest days to the present, and consists of warplanes, rockets, and the space age vehicles that we have used to reach the stars.

The latest acquisition by the museum is the Space Shuttle Discovery just recently flown in to replace it’s sister ship Enterprise which was sent to New York to be put on display there. The Discovery boasts the title of being used for the most manned space flights of any launch vehicle with thirty-nine missions in all.

Also on display are the many warplanes, test vehicles, satellites, engines, and equipment that have made advancement in flight possible. There are also ‘children-friendly’ displays and speakers and presenters in many parts of the museum who make this a learning experience for people of all ages.



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