GellerPhoto2-225x300   The Arts and Entertainment Magazine has just learned that Professor Harold A. Geller (click on to see article) who we interviewed in our December 15th, 2012 issue has just published a new book. Professor Geller, the director of George Mason University Telescope Observatory, has just released his new work, All the Secrets of the Solar System in Large Print, through Amazon and you can find it by clicking on the following link  .

Harold Geller's new book    We asked about the title of his new book and he replied “With respect to the title of my new book “All the Secrets of the Solar System in Large Print” and its origins, I can say that it was actually a while before I came to that title. In fact, I still have many manuscripts with different titles. Anyhow, the final title came to me when I was listening to an old album of mine by Seal and Crofts from 1973. The song is “We May Never Pass This Way Again.” Within the song is a stanza “all the secrets in the universe.” And thinking of that phrase, I modified my titled to what it is now.”

The completion of his new book has greatly added to his previously published works mentioned in his December 2012 interview. Professor Geller has also been a top leading scientific contributor for our publication’s Science section which can be accessed via the tool bar on our home page. In concluding his newest book he pointed out that

“With respect to the last sentence of the book, I was reviewing my last chapter for spelling and grammar. I already had “beyond the solar system” as part of the last sentence, and having recently listened to a recording by Celtic Woman of Bobby Darrin’s song “Somewhere Beyond the Sea” (1959) it didn’t take me long to work into the last sentence, “somewhere beyond the solar system.”

GMU logo  We are proud to display Professor Geller’s articles as well as the many science professionals that have appeared in our magazine. We hope that those students that follow us purchase his new book to keep abreast of the latest discoveries that surrounds our world.


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