Author Joseph J. O'Donnell

President Trump recently signed a bill authorizing NASA to once again to pursue manned extraterrestrial exploration and put Americans on the moon again.

 It is America’s destiny to be at the forefront of humanity’s eternal quest for knowledge and to be the leader amongst nations on our adventure into the great unknown.

President Donald J. Trump

In his bill he stated that he wanted American companies to develop missiles, and engines for them, to be created to put American Astronauts onto the International Space Station (ISS) without relying on Russian technology to do so. He also extended the use of the ISS and the Hubble Space Telescope for further use. He also set the goals to return Americans to the moon for long termed stays and exploration and utilization and pursue human exploration of Mars and the Broader Solar System.

In response NASA shortly is readying  the launch of the largest U.S. rocket known simply as the ‘Space Launch System’ (SLS) which had been delayed since 2017. This new rocket is even larger than the mighty ‘Saturn V’ launch vehicle that put men on the moon.

AMERICA WILL HARNESS THE POWER OF PRIVATE INDUSTRY: By refocusing our space program on feasible goals, President Trump will create incentives for private industry that spur 21st century space capabilities.

This bill, The ‘National Aeronautics and Space Administration Transition Authorization Act of 2017′ was signed by the President and even Congress is clamoring for manned exploration of Mars and a permanent American base on the moon.

In my September 2014 issue, my article The Next Steps in Space Explorationwhich appeared in our Science section I had urged just such an idea, as well as launching mini-space stations around both heavenly bodies to act as  Emergency life boats for future astronauts to utilize. Hopefully NASA will take this issue to the forefront as well.


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