SpaceX has just successfully launched the largest missile  ever to leave the surface of the earth. Known as ‘The Falcon Heavy’, it is far larger than the Saturn V rocket that sent Americans to the Moon.

The company was founded by Elon Musk, Who also founded PayPal and Tesla Motors. As a great promotional gimmick he placed a cherry-red Tesla Roadster on board for the use as a test payload. The missile was designed to carry heavy payloads into space to such future destinations as the Moon and Mars. As a private entrepreneur Mr. Musk has not only a proven track record for business, he has also been cited as a genius and leader for our country’s space endeavors.

His company has already supplied the International Space Station (ISS) by rockets that are not only reusable, but actually land back on the earth’s surface. We all await its next launch to see what he will place in orbit next.

President Donald Trump had stated that America will soon be heading to the Moon with manned missions, and that Mars is also on the agenda. In my previous issue my article cited the President’s agenda, and I had recalled my article The Next Steps for Space Exploration, I do hope that Mr. Musk will read it and see some of my ideas for a near future use of his ‘Falcon Heavy’.  If he could launch miniature space stations around the Moon and Mars, they will not only serve as near future destinations and satellites, but as rescue stations in the event of a mishap should a space venture go astray.


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