Writer Joseph O'Donnell

Author Joseph O’Donnell

After over seventy years of research the United States Government has formerly recognized that UFOs (now known as Unidentified Aerial Phenomenon, UAP) are actually real. They will be releasing a report on this supposedly on January 25th.

How complete, and in depth, this report is, is still undetermined. Most think that the report will be watered down. It is also stated that they cannot determine who, or what, these craft belong to. Some government sources stat that they maybe Chinese or Russian, but that fact does not hold water.

Project Blue Book (March 1952- December 17th, 1962) stated that 12,618 UFO’s were reported and that 701 were unexplained. Of most of the UFO’s reported many were claimed to be everything to weather balloons to stars, and lately were claimed to be from climate change. These should now be brought into question.

To look at the facts, UFO’s have been seen during World War II and were thought to be NAZI aircraft. They also have been mentioned in every religion and even in ancient Mayan culture. They also defy our laws of physics and have been seen in space, in our atmosphere, and been witnessed by military pilots to dive under water. Sightings are seen daily throughout the world and along our East and West coasts. They also plague naval vessels and secure military bases and nuclear missile silos and nuclear facilities.

These aerial craft are at least one thousand years ahead of anything that America has, and with speeds in excess of 36,000mph and turning abilities of more than 600 G’s they can hardly be thought of something created on this planet. That leads to only one conclusion, and that is they are not from this planet.

But what are they, and who they belong to, is the big question. We also need to know why they are exploring this planet and what they are seeking to uncover. Previous studies before Project Blue Book were Project Sign and Project Grudge, and both failed ,and were considered to be incomprehensive. Let us all hope that the government report will provide complete answers to the many questions involving UFO’s and not downplay the facts. I will inform my readers when the government report on it when it comes out.


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