Writer Joseph O'Donnell

Writer Joseph O’Donnell

As expected, the United States government, once again, has delivered another smoke-and -mirrors report on the question of UFO’s. They claim that out of one hundred and forty-four sightings by U.S. aircraft only one can be explained. The remainder of these sightings cannot.

As per my last entry ‘UFO’s Are Real.’ The Pentagon is once again trying to debunk the topic leaving everyone exasperated with their findings. Their report also mentions nothing about aliens or extra-terrestrial possibilities, and they simply remain aloof on the subject.

One positive note is that they offer their findings as a ‘preliminary report’ with hopes that a more thorough report is in the making. One other promising note is that the Chinese, Russians, and Britain have also had studies on UFOs for the last few decades, so that any possibilities of these aerial phenomenon can be debunked as not belonging to any adversaries of ours.

Now the question remains of where they come from. I hope that as more information is revealed I will be able to give my readers a firmer standing on this time-worn question.


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